Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nature Print Project

To begin this project we collected photographs of the animal that we wanted our project to be of. To make this piece of art work we practice techniques to carve into Easy Cut and sketched drawings of what we wanted our print to look like. The utensil we used to carve into the Easy Cut had different sized cutters which created different looking lines. I used the smaller cutters to create the image of the fins and scales. Then I used the medium sized cutters to create the plants. After everything was carved into the Easy Cut we rolled certain colors of paint onto the Easy Cut and layed it on a piece of paper. Then we would rub the paper on the Easy Cut to make sure the paint was distributed evenly. To create this print, I combined the colors pink and purple. The paint did not seep into the cuts in the Easy Cut, so a perfect image was created.

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