Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sticky Situation Project

The title of this artwork is Gasoline. 
I was inspired to do gasoline while I was walking across the street and I saw a colorful gasoline puddle. I thought it would be a creative idea to do for "sticky situation". I did learn two techniques for this painting which were called, wet on wet and salt. I wasn't sure about using watercolors for this project because I am not too familiar with watercolors. Throughout my process of painting I did ask people to give me their feedback to see if they did like my idea and liked the use of colors. It was a huge challenger for the colors to merge the way I wanted them to. I am not entirely happy about the outcome of my painting because of the merging of colors. I took a step back from my painting once the gasoline was finished, I decided using salt for texture on the road, which made the painting come together.