Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mixed Media

For this idea I used my own creative ideas. I decided to print out horrific people throughout history. Then have someone looking up at them because he is afraid history is going to repeat itself. For this artwork I did use a new technique, Mixed Media, which is using various types of mediums to complete an art work. I did have one challenge which was choosing the background but I chose a fire background which represented all the bad things that damaged so much. I did ask for feedback from my peers to see if it was a good idea to do and if it was interesting. I am happy about the outcome of my project it was a very good idea. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sticky Situation Project

The title of this artwork is Gasoline. 
I was inspired to do gasoline while I was walking across the street and I saw a colorful gasoline puddle. I thought it would be a creative idea to do for "sticky situation". I did learn two techniques for this painting which were called, wet on wet and salt. I wasn't sure about using watercolors for this project because I am not too familiar with watercolors. Throughout my process of painting I did ask people to give me their feedback to see if they did like my idea and liked the use of colors. It was a huge challenger for the colors to merge the way I wanted them to. I am not entirely happy about the outcome of my painting because of the merging of colors. I took a step back from my painting once the gasoline was finished, I decided using salt for texture on the road, which made the painting come together. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Up Close and Personal

This piece of art is called Tenticles. I had two ideas and in my opinion this idea was the most creative. Not many people would've chose an octopus for their project. I took a risk with drawing an octopus. It has many components and a lot of detail. In this drawing I had to solve two problems that came along. The two were the texture and the lay out of the drawing. I decided to make an easy texture by making it smooth and have two tenticles in the background to create contrast. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Colored Pencils, Oil Pastel, and Chalk Pastel

In class we practiced with three mediums; colored pencil, oil pastel, and chalk pastel. The easiest mediums were colored pencil and chalk pastel because I've worked with them in the past and they are easy to work with. However, the oil pastels were challenging because I've never worked with them before and the texture is hard to work with. For the techniques of each piece, I colored in the direction of the shape and colored lightly at first so I could blend easier. For my next project I plan on using colored pencil. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Scientific Project

The designs I came up with for the theme "Scientific" were plants, creatures, and scientific objects. I ultimately chose a flower and its stages of growth. The mini lessons in class did help, but not so much with pen and ink. The medium I used was pencil because it seemed easier and I thought it could capture the value in the drawing. I showed contrast by shading around the borders of of the drawings. I did take a little risk because I drew something I have never attempted to draw. Overall this project was not too challenging and I did enjoy it.