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The project that was most successful than the others is this one, History. The theme for this project was Fear and we had to use Mixed Media, which means to use different mediums. I had several ideas that fell under this subject but this was my favorite idea. The meaning behind this is, a guy looking through a window that shows bad people throughout history and the he is in fear of history repeat itself. I went through a process of deciding how all of the materials would be laid out and if people would be able to notice the concept. The materials (string, black acrylic paint, tissue paper, and pictures) I used were beneficial to this piece because they all play a role in the piece. Each is used in the background, middle ground, or foreground. Overall I am content with the outcome of this piece.  

Out of all of my projects, I felt like this piece was the least successful. The medium of this work is watercolor paint and it is called Abstract Gasoline. Before I started working on this piece, I practiced some techniques to achieve the movement of the gasoline. I decided to use the technique wet on wet for my final product and use salt to add texture for the pavement. Despite my practice for this project, it turned out the total opposite of what I wanted. The colors did not move in the way I wanted them to, they stayed in a certain area instead of moving freely. I also did not like the pattern of colors I chose, in my opinion the orange and green made it worse. If I could start this project over I would have practiced more ways to achieve a different movement of the gasoline and would have chosen a different color pattern. 

This artwork, Life, shows my growth as an artist. The theme for this project was scientific and my idea was showing the stages of a flower's life. The medium I used for this piece was pencil. At first I was hesitant in being able to capture the depth of the shading. This project helped me grow in various areas such as, visualizing the outcome, knowing how to work the medium, and being more skillful in shading. I at first visualized what I wanted the outcome to look like, how I wanted the stages to be lined up and what positions I wanted the flower to be in. I became better with pencil by learning that the strokes have to be in a certain direction to create shape. I also got better at shading because I had to make the flower realistic.

This piece of art was a mini lesson in class and the medium used is prismacolor pencils. We had to draw and color a lollipop. I was able to capture the value and the paper contrasted well with the colors I used. Doing this project helped me with several things, I became better at blending and expressing elements. The prismacolors did help at blending because they are soft and you can layer them. The elements that I was able to express were shape, value, and texture. By using black and gray in different areas I was able to make the lollipop more realistic. Also by drawing the wrapper and showing the folds, this let me show the shape and the crinkly texture of it. 

A mini lesson that helped me with one of my projects was using watercolor to paint a pepper. We learned several techniques for watercolor such as gradient, wax, wet on wet, and salt. Within this piece I used gradient and wax. For gradient I blended the color red and blue to make a purple. Also for wax I put it in areas where the light hit the pepper so I could create some highlights. I did have enough instruction for this piece because it did turn out how I wanted it to. Although more shading would have been nice. This helped me for my Abstract Gasoline by letting me practice blending colors and using other colors besides black to create value.

 In this mini lesson we had to draw and shade a sphere. Before we got started we created a chart that showed the gradient of shades. The chart helped me visualize what shades went where on the sphere. I think the instruction for this lesson was decent. I could have used more advice on how to blend everything together. I am not entirely happy of the outcome of this because the shading is not well done. This lesson helped me prepare for my art piece "Life". The medium I used for "Life" was pencil and it required a lot of detail and shading.

In Art 2 this semester we used various mediums such as, pencil, oil pastels, and acrylic paint. However my favorite medium is pencil. Pencil is a common medium that many artists use. It does take practice to shade properly and draw realistically. I grew a lot when it came to pencil. "Life" was my first major art piece that I did with pencil. Pencil is my favorite because it is easy to work with and I am good at using it. I hope in the future I will be able to use pencil more often in my art.

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