Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Acrylic Landscape Painting

To create my painting I first collected pictures of sky, mountains, cabins, and trees. After collecting photographs I then drew a picture of how my painting would be set up. I needed a sky, background, middle ground, and foreground. I decided to make the sky dark, put the mountains in the background, paint water for the middle ground, and a cabin and trees for the foreground. I made the cabin close to the front of the painting so I could create atmospheric perspective. Atmospheric perspective is how your painting effects the perspective of the atmosphere in the painting. To create light I decided where my light source would be and it is in the top left hand corner. My color scheme for this piece of art work was analogous, which included green, blue green, and blue. I used long and even brush strokes for the mountains, water, and ground. I used somewhat long strokes for the cabin and tree trunks. Then I used scattered brush strokes for the bushes and top of the tree. To create the clouds I used the tops of my fingers and glided them along the paper. To create value in my painting I blended white and black into my colors. After the whole process, my painting turned out better than I anticipated.

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